Prosperity happens to the extent we create it

With all of the doom and gloom promoted by mass media, it can be easy to miss the fact that the economy is kept going by a lot of hard working individuals putting their money and their effort into creating better services and products for their customers.

We have a number of these individuals in Floyd, Virginia.


Coffee shop owner Sally Walker and artist/sign painter Greg
Locke plan

a window sign to highlight Cafe del Sol specialties
so they can be easily seen by
people driving by.

Sally Walker is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who has created a pleasing experience for lovers of good coffee and tasty snacks. Her Cafe del Sol offers gourmet soups, sandwiches and salads along with a wide range of expresso-based beverages. She and her capable staff also cater for local functions.

She has managed to survive and stay cheerful in spite of cranky air conditioners, lack of space, and the usual problems that plague any startup operation. She has invested in training her staff and the results show it. You get cheerful service and tasty food even when Sally is away from the Cafe.


Visiting the Cafe del Sol is one of the high spots in my frequent trips to Floyd. I never know who or what I am going to see there, but it is always a good value and that is what keeps an economy and a business going.

What are businesses in your area doing to make things go right in this uncertain economy?

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