Some unconventional tips on working for yourself

Since more people are considering working for themselves, this may be of interest.

I was interviewed a few years ago by Leah Maclean at on the subject of working solo.

She had read Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day and asked if I had any unconventional advice on working solo.

Here are my top five tips from that interview:

A. If you are viewed as a good employee, you may not be ready for self-employment. Self-employment requires making decisions in the absence of complete data. Employees who do that are usually in trouble with management.

B. Do not consider self-employment unless you understand that you are totally responsible for what life throws at you. If you can accept that responsibility and the freedom it gives you, you will probably succeed as a self-employed person.

C. Be realistic about your capabilities and use others to do tasks you are not able to perform to professional standards. There is no problem being a small company as long as your products and services are of high quality.

D. Small companies have an unfair advantage if they realize what it means and take advantage of it. Every customer gets to deal with the man in charge. If you care for your customers and keep them informed and make them part of the decision-making process, you will earn their undying loyalty.

E. Most important of all: Promise only what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.

Finally, here are some things to consider:

You will become one of "them", the people whose insanity you have been complaining  about for years – an employer.

Your past experience may help you more than you think

Right answers are the ones that work

For the full interview visit Working Solo.

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