Simple Exercises To Increase Your Awareness Of Life Forces

Republished from 7/23/2021

These exercises should be done every week until you are totally certain about the many life forces in your environment.

You will need some volunteers for this exercise. I suggest you volunteer two or three of your plants or your pets if you have enough. You should perform this exercise alone as any observers will be bound and determined to get involved and offer suggestions. If you can’t get rid of the observers, you can draft them as subjects in this exercise because they won’t even know you are using them as a volunteer.

Arrange yourself so that you can see all of your volunteers without having to move your head. While observing these volunteers, I want you to begin meditating by keeping your body still, observing your living volunteers, and breathing slowly. Continue meditating until you have some realization and acknowledge that this realization has occurred.

Now put your attention fully on one of your volunteers and continue until you have a realization about the level of life force you are observing.

When that occurs, put your attention fully on the other volunteers and continue until you have a realization about the level of life force you are observing. If you notice that there are several different levels of life force present in the volunteer, make note of that but continue placing your attention on the volunteer until you feel you have nothing further to notice.

Now place your attention on the other volunteers, one after another, comparing life force levels until you have a realization as to which of the volunteers is more alive and why you now know that. If you have done this exercise correctly, you now may have an appreciation of the different levels of life force that your volunteers are generating.

I did this exercise using a tomato and a bunch of grapes, both purchased from the local supermarket. The tomato was more alive but felt immature as though it had not yet realized its purpose. The grapes had less life force and, in addition, different grapes showed different levels of life force. My attention was immediately drawn to certain grapes which seemed to be damaged and showed less life force than any of the others.

This exercise took only a few minutes, but at the end of it, I was keenly aware of the life forces in these grapes and in this tomato. They were essentially static and showed no change while I was observing them.

I took the exercise to the next level and placed my attention on one of my two cats. The first thing I noticed was that the life force of the first cat was varying, not static, and it changed when the cat noticed I was putting attention on it. I watch the cat for some minutes and its life force changed as the cat moved about and if I admired the cat, without saying anything, its life force increased.

I found the second cat and immediately noticed that its life force was much lower. It was content to lie there and observe me and exhibited no real change in life force. A few minutes later I started to admire it, silently, and the cat started to exhibit real changes in its life force and energy level. It even started to act playful, which is not this cat’s usual state. I continued to admire the cat and it got restless and moved away, acting as if I was embarrassing it.

My conclusions at this point are few but useful. The tomato and grapes were dying as they had been separated from the mother plant and were not being provided with life-giving sap. Even so, they were producing life force which indicated their current state of existence.
The cats were producing life force at a much higher rate and each was operating at a different level. In addition, their life force waxed and waned as they responded to my presence. When I admired each of them. Their responses were different, but in each case, my admiration increased their life force.

If you wish to become sensitive to life force and make use of it in enhancing your life and career, I suggest you repeat this exercise many times with various subjects until you increase your ability to perceive life force and life energies of different sorts and see how these subjects respond when you admire them, challenge them, ignore them, or criticize them. We can consider life force as how alive something is and life energies as the subtle modulations of life force that produce different effects on others. Life energies include admiration, attention, emotions, etc.

I think you will quickly notice that you will feel better when you can find a way to admire others instead of doing anything else.

There are many more ways to use life force and life energies, once you learn to recognize them so this exercise should be repeated daily until you can spot life force and life energies of all types at a glance. Then you will be able to use them effectively to achieve your goals.

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