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Free SRT Sessions For The Holidays – The Reluctance Rundown Pilot Program!

I have had another counseling breakthrough occur and I want to make sure my discovery applies to many people rather than just a few. If I can package this for general use, I will call it the Reluctance Rundown because … Continue reading

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More Discoveries About Life Force 8-7-22

I mentioned recently that it appeared I could only perceive life forces in people I could see or life forces within my body. I am happy to say that it is possible to perceive the life force of people you … Continue reading

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ADVANCED NOTICE – FREE Life Force Handbook

This is a basic reference manual for discovering your personal life force and using your life force to create desirable effects in the material and spiritual universes. This material is a compilation of every article I have written about Life … Continue reading

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Simple Exercises To Increase Your Awareness Of Life Forces

Republished from 7/23/2021 These exercises should be done every week until you are totally certain about the many life forces in your environment. You will need some volunteers for this exercise. I suggest you volunteer two or three of your … Continue reading

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