Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In spiritual counseling, we build our careers on the shoulder of the explorers who have gone before. I owe a lot to the efforts of other Scientologists who shared their knowledge with me. I was thinking of them when I wrote this article explaining why I switched from reading body reactions on a meter to directly observing the spirit’s response to questions.

Why I Switched From Using An E-Meter To Communicating Directly With Spirits

I used an E-Meter to guide my counseling sessions for about 20 years and found it to be a fairly reliable instrument to measure stress levels in a session. The meter measures changes in the electrical field of the body when an auditor asks a question. It acts like a very sensitive lie detector and a trained counselor can interpret the readings to see whether a topic is emotionally charged or not. In face to face counseling sessions, the E-Meter seemed to be a reliable guide to stress levels and when used wisely could be used to guide counseling session questions so that charged areas could be explored and relieved.

The early E-Meters were electromechanical instruments with a needle driven by electrical coils in a magnetic field and the more advanced models I used cost several thousand dollars. These were supplanted by the Clarity Meter designed by Hank Levin which was a computer based system which duplicated the functions of the electromechanical E-Meter with many automated functions and cost about $500. This was supplanted by the Theta Meter series designed by Mikhail Fedorov which was a highly sophisticated family of computer based instruments optimized for internet and wireless use and were available for a few hundred dollars. I have used all of these meters in multiple sessions and found all of the to produce usable results.

When I started online counseling sessions, where I was thousands of miles from my clients, I began to notice that I could sense reads before the meter would respond. In other words, I was perceiving a response from the client before the signal could come through the wires and space between the client’s computer and mine. I was still using a Theta meter at that point usually at the client end, but sometimes at my end. I found that Hubbard’s statement about finding the same reads on the preclear and the audior was absolutely correct. I could get the same reads on a question from myself as the auditor or from the client as a preclear. In more and more cases, I noticed that I could perceive the client’s reactions before any of the meters would register.

Inspired by Dexter Gelfand’s example, I began doing online counseling without any metering devices using only my own perceptions of what the client was experiencing. I found that my counseling improved because all of my attention was on the client and his spiritual companions and not dispersed by trying to follow instrument behavior.

My ability to perceive thoughts and responses to questions continued to improve and I began communicating directly with spirits in these sessions as well as my client. I developed a counseling style where I would address the spirit and the client would give me what the spirit said in response. This kept the client involved and since I could perceive what the spirit was saying, I could monitor how well the client was picking up the spirit’s communication.

I found that once we dispensed with the use of meters, clients could be trained to perceive spiritual communication and could begin to run solo sessions where they could handle spiritual matters themselves without too much training. I now encourage clients to do daily sessions themselves and to consult with me when they run into a problem they can’t easily handle. Spirits do better also because every session now involves real communication with spirits instead of working only with meter readings.

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