SRT Has Arrived At Another Fork In The Road

During a recent discussion about Why I Switched From Using An E-Meter To Communicating Directly With SpiritsChuck Stewart reminded me that this was a precursor to the rehabilitation of the natural ability to communicate directly, mind to mind, telepathy. 

I am ever grateful to people like Chuck who keep my attention on the larger implications of what we are doing here in Spiritual Rescue technology. His reminder is a sign that I should probably work on Telepathy next. As you can see from the diagram above Telepathy is at the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum from the Life Force work.

We should set up some exercises to develop the ability in a comfortable and useful way. Do we start with images or concepts? The people at Stanford used the Zener cards to measure psychic ability, but I felt their approach was slanted to prevent fakery and was not aimed at useful communication. This site is typical of that approach.

I would tend to start with useful communication and not worry about the error rate because I feel we have our spiritual companions chiming in when we try to communicate telepathically. Our approach might be to enlist our spirits in parallel communication from one group to another with some sort of error processing to get a unified message.

Are there any other readers who have suggestions for researching telepathy with the goal of rehabilitating that ability in the near future? Feel free to give it your best shot with exercises, classifications, warnings, and social predictions. I have spiritual companions chomping at the bit as I write this. This will be an interesting summer!

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