Finding an Ethical Employer

One of my readers is taking a break from corporate life and is living in a quiet corner of France to settle her nerves. She writes:

I am keen to return to work but having re-read my diary for 2003 I am determined NOT to fall foul of another bad position. ARE there ethical employers out there? And if so how do I recognize one?

The simple answer is that you need to look for an employer who does the following:

Promises only what he or she intends to deliver
Keeps their word once given
Follows through so as to meet expectations

A more useful answer is that you need to thoroughly understand both the company and the people you will be working for. For example, there ARE ethical employers which have some managers of doubtful sanity. There are also ethical and sane managers who work in insane companies. There are ways you can determine this during the interview.

The complete answer is that seeking to return to a job arena that has chewed you up and spit you out without reading Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day is foolhardy in the extreme. It is available as a FREE download, so there is no reason not to spend an hour or two reading up on the key factors in finding and securing the right job.

I wrote this unconventional guide to surviving corporate employment for hardworking people who have had career experiences that have crushed their spirits.

Chapters 6 – 8 describes exactly how you can find the right employer for you. The rest of the book will help you survive almost any career experience with your sanity intact.

It has produced some amazing results, but only when read.  🙂

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