Seeking Retribution Is Self Destructive

There is a certain fierce joy in striking back at those who have wronged you and getting revenge for the damage you have suffered seems like the epitome of justice, but this will practically guarantee that you will end up emotionally crippled and embittered for the rest of your life.


I had always felt that the biblical advice to turn the other cheek in the face of being harmed was well-meaning nonsense, as I could not make sense of it. After talking to thousands of spirits and hearing their stories, I finally realized that any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction.

You are surrounded by spirits and you attract spirits according to your emotional state. If you are happy and try to live a positive life, you will attract cheerful spirits and they will provide support in your endeavors.

If you choose a life of retribution and punishment for the evil you have received, you are enlisting beings with deep experience in blaming and punishing others. How can one reach a peaceful state of mind when you are filled with anger? What kind of spirits are you pulling in on a daily basis? Consider what happens when your mind is filled with thoughts of getting even with someone. Who is going to show up to help you? If you do not shift to a lighter mood and develop positive thoughts, you are likely to pull in an evil spirit to help you plan your revenge. Every evil movement I have studied started by getting even for past humiliations and injuries received.

I have seen people change for the better when they received the right spiritual counseling, but I have also seen many of these people revert to a downward trend when they used their new abilities to punish others or to seek retribution for some injuries they received. 

It seems like a good cause when you decide to fight evil, but you are choosing a dark path when you do so because your efforts are intended to harm the evil doers, not rehabilitate them. Any effort to increase your awareness will involve you holding yourself back from doing further evil. Little by little, you lose your ability to create desirable effects of any kind. This is where you are now.

If you want your next life to work out better than this one, I strongly suggest you avoid destructive ways of dealing with people. Seek always to rehabilitate the spirits you encounter, whether they are wearing bodies or not. Try following this simple rule:

Any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction.

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