Inflation is getting worse each month so in July I promised that all of you could get 3 Spiritual Rescue Technology sessions for $200 UNTIL NOVEMBER.

That offer is still on and I added another deal for those who wanted to secure more sessions at the special rate. You can get 6 sessions for $400 until November

This year is turning into a dumpster fire like last year so get some spiritual counseling and recruit some helpful spirits to keep you on track no matter what happens. There are many helpful spirits available to help but you will not attract them if you are stuck in an unresolved issue from the past. If you are feeling grumpy and miserable and have not done something to resolve it, you are attracting unhappy spirits and your mood will only get worse.

It does not take many SRT sessions to turn your life around. Use this anti-inflation counseling deal to give yourself a new start.

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David St Lawrence

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