I need to clarify what spiritual communication can be like

Spiritual Communication

I still have long-term clients asking if I have solo sessions with my spirits. This made me realize that I have failed to indicate that solo sessions MAY NOT BE NECESSARY when you have teams of spirits working with you on a regular basis. The progression of spiritual communication FOR ME has gone like this:

  1. Occasional thoughts that might not be your own
  2. Voices in your head and thoughts that echo yours
  3. Dreams full of people and places you do not know
  4. You get an SRT session and your counselor ask questions and you get thoughts in response
  5. You finally start a solo session and you get all kinds of thoughts you did not expect
  6. You get more sessions, either from a counselor or solo and you begin to recognize thoughts that are not yours
  7. You get to the point when you are working on something, you recognize that some of the thoughts that occur are not yours.
  8. You spend more time doing solo sessions to resolve issues in your life
  9. At some time in this evolution, you recognize when spirits are taking over your conversations with others.
  10. You begin to grant beingness to your spiritual companions even if you do not recognize them individually. You recognize when they are helping you and when the idea you are getting is an interruption from a spirit who has been triggered by something you are about to do.
  11. You begin spending more time communicating with your spirits than you do with spirits in meat bodies. You do not need solo sessions to do so.
  12. You start recognizing when different teams of spirits are assisting you with your work or play and you find they can operate independently without you supervising them.
  13. Spirits start working independently of you and do things like check up on relatives you care for and clients who are not doing as well as they could be. You get random messages about these people and when you follow up you fine they can use your assistance.
  14. You meet someone who does not seem on top of things and your spiritual companions check them out and give you a report later on them. You read a newspaper article about some person and within minutes you get an appraisal of their state of mind and what is controlling them even though you have gone on to other matters.
  15. You think of a future project like investigating conditions off-planet and you shortly find yourself with all sorts of information you did not look up for yourself. It feels like you have access to an interplanetary search engine which only needs a general suggestion to start digging for information. Fortunately, for this amount of information the spirits involved do not interrupt normal activities, they wait in ambush until you start writing an article and look for something to write about. Then you find yourself writing effortlessly about some topic you did not have in mind when you started. You end up with an article you cannot publish without more research to validate it because it is way outside anything you have published before. I am here now and I feel I am a gathering point for important information I never expected.
  16. My life is now a continuous conversation with my spiritual teammates and we are building trust with each other as we work together. We are finding ways to make progress without upsetting our civilization or any others who may be watching us. We may live on a prison planet but we do not want to turn it into a dumpster fire. Gentle progress toward more awareness is best.

Working with spirits is a new experience for most of us. I am willing to share what I have learned so you can benefit from their experience and willingness to help.

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