On This Planet, Nobody Is Ever Alone

In session today, a client wanted to learn if he could finally be alone as a spirit if he got sufficient spiritual counseling. I realized that I have never made the truth clear enough so you could plan for your future. You will never be alone on this planet, so you need to recruit friendly spirits if you plan to be successful at anything worthwhile.

This planet has been a dumping ground for misbehaving spirits for millions and millions of years and they are all still here and interacting with spirits trying to animate and run bodies. There are definitely trillions of disembodied spirits here. If they are awake and aware, they may act as spirit guides. If they are still in a hypnotic state, their reactions can be very erratic and they will cause all sorts of problems for the humans they are attached to. All spirits are immortal and until they have been rescued and brought out of their hypnotic states, they act as though they are stuck in some past event and their reactions do not relate well to what is actually happening in present time.

This diagram shows some of the spirits surrounding us and they surround us whether we have live bodies or if we are dead. The different sizes illustrate the different energy level of the various spirits.

Some of these disembodied spirits have been with us for millions of years and we and they are not aware of each other as separate beings. Other spirits stay associated with us but consider themselves separate and feel they need to monitor us and influence us to make us behave in certain ways. This relationship is described in detail in various religions but is clearly described in my book, Talking To Spirits, available on Amazon and elsewhere.

The common philosophical positioning of body, mind, and spirit is completely inadequate. The “I” that is used to describe the being animating a body is actually a “WE” as we are all composite beings, that is a group of beings acting in concert. I have been able to prove this by addressing various personality aspects as individuals and sorting out their different histories.

To make matters more complicated, every cell in the body has its own collection of spirits animating it and these spirits react to environmental stimuli in different ways. These beings may not take part in the high-level thinking of the “WE” beings but they influence those beings as they respond to the environment.

In essence, we earth people are traveling spiritual circuses complete with clowns, villains, and beings with godlike potential and we are surrounded by beings who have suffered mightily but have enormous potential if we can wake them up.

So, here you are reading this post and wondering why I have made it seem so complicated. Once you are willing to perceive the beings who are helping you and chattering at you and distracting you, you can finally start communicating with them and getting them to help you. If you are willing to perceive them, you will realize that they are an almost infinite resource for you.

Those of you who have learned to meditate are probably familiar with the ideas that come to you and quiet down once you become calm. These ideas are from the spirits who surround you as spirits are essentially living thoughts. Some of you can perceive spirits as voices in your head. Others will perceive spirits as images or emotions. When you learn to work with the spirits who surround you, you can get advice and information to help you in life. Some talented people have spirits helping them compose music, or write books and articles, while others have spirits who help them create paintings or objects of great beauty.

A person who has no understanding of spirits or any ability to control spirits will find themselves constantly distracted and beset with emotions they cannot control. In the very worst case, these people can find themselves possessed by spirits and exhibit multiple personalities which are not under their control.

If you are willing to find out about spirits and communicate with them, your life becomes much richer as you can begin to draw upon the experiences of beings who have done everything from running nations to flying spaceships to building empires from scratch. Immortal beings have a lot of experiences to share once you wake them up and ask them for help. They have made every mistake in the books and when you rescue them from the incidents they are stuck in, you get the benefit of their experience and in some cases their continuing assistance.

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