The Future Is Here And Your Life Will Never Be The Same

AI art gives you a tool to share your ideas faster, and it will change your life before you know it. I have only been using Jasper AI art for only a few weeks and I can see that it is a disruptive technology like nothing I have ever seen.

It is only in its infancy, but I see this pervading our lives in ways we cannot even grasp at this point. If you think of some off-the-wall subject like golfing with penguins, it takes only two minutes to illustrate your idea.

If your mind runs to different sports like wrestling with lobsters, you turn to your AI partner and it produces this set of images of a man doing a half-nelson on the lobster, and it only took another minute of your time.

Sharing your ideas of a steam-driven spaceship will not be as difficult with AI giving you this kind of creative support. Getting your boss to approve the project will take longer of course, but there will soon be an app for that I imagine.

I am even finding that I use my favorite AI art program to take notes when reading or studying some subject. It helps give me a better understanding of what can be done with the ideas being presented. It really changes your ability to visualize issues and results.

Welcome to 2023, the year of omnipresent AI. I even expect to see interactive AI art systems in game rooms and entertainment centers. If you think smartphones are addictive now, wait until you start using AI art on your smartphone. The future is here and is already changing our world. It took less than six minutes to generate these illustrations.

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