Introducing Some New Tools For SRT Users

I want to give you a preview of the Spiritual Rescue Technology Library, a new SRT website like no other you have seen. This website offers a total package of Artificial Intelligence powered artwork and text to assist spiritual counselors in their practices and a discussion lounge where spiritual counselors and SRT students can ask questions and share their experiences.

It is still under construction but I want your observations and suggestions as I continue to put the pieces together. It will consist of an AI art system which is already in use, an AI text system which is also in use, and a discussion group blog for AI related matters. AI tools will be increasingly important this year and I wanted to separate these discussions from the SRT practical discussions that are already in progress.

Here is the link to the Library construction site:

You will be able to visit it and comment as the site construction proceeds.

Welcome to 2023 as SRT uses new technology to help you spread the word and help others.

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