Working and blogging – a precarious balance…

When I am working on something challenging, it’s not always easy to find time to write about it and writing about it more than a few times just might bore my audience.

When we were building our house here in the country and getting acclimatized to life in a small rural community, life moved at a pace that encouraged contemplation and blogging.

Writing still continued when starting up Floyd Custom Framing  because there was time in which I could collect my thoughts and share what seemed interesting.

But recently this custom framing business has taken on a life of its own and I feel like a rodeo rider who is trying to stay on top and not get trampled underfoot.

I have one hand on the business and the other free hand reaching for information to keep me ahead of the new technical challenges I encounter every week. There is no other hand that I can use to write all of this down for posterity.

The few moments I have free get spent visiting online forums for members of the custom picture framing community.

I feel that this may be the wave of the future where self-employed business owners work in home-based shops but mingle daily on the Internet with practitioners of the same art to share problems and solutions that friends and family can may not appreciate or be able to contribute to.

When it is time to deliver completed products, I finally get to leave the shop and visit customers and share a quick coffee break at the Cafe Del Sol with other self-employed business owners.

But there is hope for change. I have found someone competent who has been helping me organize the framing business and with luck, we will bring it to the next level where we have a retail location in downtown Floyd, here in Floyd County, Virginia.

That will open whole new areas of opportunities and problems to solve, so I will have no end of things to write about. I just hope that I will be able to find the time…

Are any of you experiencing this same challenge? Plenty to write about, but no time to write?

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