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Good intentions are not enough

The recent storm drove home the fact that good intentions are no substitute for actual preparedness. Country living is a great laboratory for testing ones ideas about life and patterns of behavior without the awful finality of mistakes made on … Continue reading

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Hunkering down

This homely expression aptly describes the state of mind of many of us in this region as we contemplate the spectre of a recession, rising local unemployment and disturbing moves by a new administration in Washington. We are no longer … Continue reading

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Buying locally makes good sense – especially in a recession

We live in a tightly-connected rural community, Floyd County, Virginia, where almost every one we meet is connected in some roundabout way to someone we know. The practice of buying locally affects us both as consumers and as local business … Continue reading

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Summertime, and life is sure busy

I will probably look back on these weeks of rain and bright sunshine and wish that I had taken a little more time to smell the roses and take pictures of this beautiful countryside. A business out in the countryside … Continue reading

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