The Floyd County wave, a sign you are among friends

There are still a few parts of the country where people wave as you drive by. Floyd County, Virginia, is one of them.

As newcomers who had spent many years in California and in southern Florida, it was a startling experience to drive down the country roads of Floyd County for the first time and see other drivers waving at us. After a short period of readjustment, we began waving back. It was a marvelous feeling.

This waving is not confined to folks sitting on their front porches. You get a wave from truck drivers hauling cargo and from soccer moms with kids in the car. It gives you a feeling that you are in the right place at last.

These are not waves with a full sweep of the arm. In fact, you have to be alert to see that the oncoming driver has raised a finger or two from the wheel and has given you a friendly signal while negotiating a tricky curve or avoiding fresh roadkill.

If you are extremely observant, you may even notice a pinky wave from a hand holding a cellphone as the oncoming driver passes by.

As this area grows, many newcomers arrive who are more familiar with road rage than with friendly greetings. It is imperative that we wave at them until they learn to wave back.

When the world is full of places where defensive driving means a gun in the glove compartment and doors locked to prevent carjacking, it is a matter of local concern to show that Floyd Countians cares about each other and are willing to show friendship with a simple wave.

It is a custom that deserves support.

Floyd blogger Rose Bowen is concerned that this may become another vanishing local tradition and has written an appealing article, "Bring Back the Wave, Floyd!".

Do people wave in your part of the world?

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