Latest Update On SRT Healing Sessions

I apologize for not posting articles for the past few days. I have been delivering back-to-back SRT healing sessions on chronic conditions and can confirm for you that any injury or illness that is not progressing normally is being held there by spirits. This includes cancer, diabetes, emphysema, sinus issues, post-nasal drip, and bad eyesight so far. In every case, there is a cluster of beings who have collected there to reminisce about their own disease or injury or to enforce the condition on the person as a punishment for something the person has done in a past life.

Those of you who are spiritually aware can check this out by examining an injury site or a sore that does not heal and checking for the emotion surrounding the area. You will find every emotion from anger down to apathy emanating from the site and sensations from the site will increase or decrease depending on how you put your attention on the site. Your attention may disturb the beings working on the site and this can change the level of the sensation generated. You will not be able to contact the beings responsible using any previous healing process.

I have been exchanging session actions with the people receiving these sessions and I can report that the healing is quite different from any spiritual healing I have ever done or received before. I have done and received years of Scientology, Dianetics, and SRT sessions, and the beings involved in these chronic illnesses did not respond to any of these practices. The people winning upon receiving these sessions range from highly trained Scientology auditors and Esperian phasers to raw public who have never had a session of any kind.

Healing these chronic illnesses and infirmities requires a different level of perception than we have been using before but once a person has been exposed to this perception in action, their level of perception changes and they are reporting situations they were never able to see before. I have the feeling that this heightened level of perception is something we all used to have and we shut it down for some reason. The increased perception is not limited to illness and injuries but includes spiritual activities of all kinds. Evidently, this kind of spiritual healing kicks our natural psychic abilities into a higher gear than before.

I have one last thing to report. Both counselors and clients are perceiving beings and things in other dimensions and alternate universes which have been the subject of sci-fi stories and legends for many years. This is not a matter of conjecture or belief, when we address the beings from these other places, we are able to handle them with SRT processing and get them to remove their activity from the wound or injury site. I am happy to share our SRT healing process knowledge with any spiritual practitioners as I feel this will accelerate the acceptance of spiritual knowledge by interested public.

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