Give Free Introductory Sessions For Successful Spiritual Counseling

If you intend to provide spiritual counseling of any kind, it is a good idea to give your new client a free introductory session because there are unexpected barriers to counseling success when it comes to dealing with spirits. A session where you discuss the client’s goals and assess their ability to perceive spirits will save you hours of wasted effort trying to help them achieve elusive results.

Here are some of the barriers to successful SRT spiritual counseling that make results difficult to achieve.

  1. The client only wants to see what you can do
  2. The client thinks they are a body and that they have a spirit given to them by God or some other agency.
  3. The client only wants to see what you can do
  4. The client is eager to get spiritual help but is being controlled by spirits that do not want to be revealed.
  5. The client has experience with other spiritual practices but is unable to see spirits
  6. The client has put up a mental shield so you cannot see into their body.

A free introductory discussion will quickly reveal whether any of the first four barriers exist and a short Spiritual Rescue Technology session will reveal whether the last two barriers exist.

When a person is interested in spiritual counseling or healing, everything they put their attention on is lit up as if by a spotlight. I am able to follow their attention and easily pick out troubled spirits to communicate with. If a person has other intentions, they will not illuminate problem areas properly.

I had a session recently with a person with a great deal of experience in other spiritual practices. The person wanted SRT healing, but I found that it was difficult to see inside the person’s body. The images were so dim that it was difficult to make out clusters and I could not see single beings at all. The person either could not focus their attention or was uncertain what attention was. I was able to handle two clusters, but it was like working in a fog. The client was interjecting comments about how much healing experience they had during the session so the problem may have been an inability to control their attention.

A distracted client is far different than a client with a psychic barrier like a full-body shield. A full body shield makes the body opaque to psychic scanning and all you see as a practitioner is a shining body outline as if the body was a futuristic robot. This particular shield had been put up by the client’s spiritual teammates as an automatic defense system. The client was not even aware of the shield until I pointed it out to him and he then took it down and we could go on with the session.

If you are not aware of these possibilities, you can think your psychic ability has failed you because you normally can spot spirits with no trouble. You can detect these problems with ease if you provide free introductory sessions as a regular practice.

Spiritual healing has often come under fire for not being reliable and that is because people are not aware that accidental or intentional barriers to spiritual activity can be raised by clients and their spiritual companions. A free introductory session can detect and handle these barriers and ensures that your reputation remains unblemished by embarrassing failures. Your clients need to be interested and have enough awareness to detect spirits or you will be wasting your time and theirs.

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