I need to visit Wills Ridge Supply more often…


This is the view from in front of Wills Ridge Supply. (click to enlarge) It makes me feels like I can see forever. If I stop and take a good look at the horizon, it helps me clear my mind on a busy day.

Good people, good service, and a wonderful view of the north end of Floyd County. They also have a statue of the Founder, Jack Gallimore standing proudly in front of the store.

They are high on a hill above Route 8 north of Floyd Virginia. You need to watch for the signs, but it is worth searching it out.

They have almost everything you need to build your house or keep it in good repair.

They also have people who know how to interpret what it is you really need when you come in, as I do, and ask for the "thingy that fits on the back of the stove"…

Don’t tell them I sent you. I think they already know.

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