SRT WORKSHOP #5 – Handling A Major Barrier To Successful Counseling

As some of you know, we are continuing to develop new solutions to longstanding problems every week and we showcase these approaches during our bi-weekly workshops. In this workshop, we discuss and demonstrate the successful handling of one of the most difficult barriers to successful spiritual healing and counseling.

11-18-23 SRT Workshop

This barrier is caused by spirits who have been punished so severely for helping others that they have total certainty that help is not possible. These beings do not rush in during the healing activity and make themselves known. These beings lurk in the background and when the process is successfully completed, make their doubts and denials known on a continuing basis until those doubts cast a pall on the gains achieved. The untrained person feels the euphoria of increased awareness and ability fade under the continuing barrage of doubts cast by these broken spirits. A cheerful being does not stay cheerful long when there is a constant messaging of these gloomy intentions: “What if it doesn’t last?” “It’s too good to be true.” “If it worked, more people would be using it.”

We are all influenced by the spirits accompanying us and we attract beings operating at the same tone level as the ones surrounding us. This means that ignoring doubts and uncertainties about the value of spiritual healing and counseling sets the stage for more losses in the future. If you are surrounded by broken spirits and do nothing to remedy their condition, you will continue to accumulate more broken spirits and your emotional tone level will gradually drift lower and lower.

A video of the introduction to this workshop is available here:

The linked video discusses what the workshop is about and what is to be addressed. The complete video including the SRT processing and technical discussions is only available to participants in the workshop. If you wish to make use of this technology for yourself, contact an SRT user or send me an email at

To stay abreast of the continuing advances in Spiritual Rescue Technology, join us for our bi-weekly free workshops held on Sundays at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. Our next workshop will be held on December 3rd at 12 noon Eastern Time.

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