Hello? Made in Floyd?

Over a year ago, I wrote an article titled, "Made in Floyd – branding or just common sense?" and created a non-commercial website Made in Floyd for the purpose of featuring the Floyd Artisans I write about on this weblog.

I have links to this Made in Floyd  website on several of my weblogs and I purchased the madeinfloyd.com domain name in 2006.

I was inspired by the Made in Floyd labels that Jayn Avery used on her pottery and felt that other artisans might benefit from creating a Made in Floyd brand.

At the same time, I registered the fictitious name Made in Floyd as a dba for a non-profit group which was to publicise the benefits of buying artifacts and other goods made in Floyd County.  After consulting with a local lawyer, I tabled the creation of the group until time and resources are available to carry the idea through to the point where it can be useful part of Floyd’s sustainable economic development.

The Made in Floyd website has been in operation for over a year. Go check it out. I have more articles to add and will cheerfully add articles written by others about Floyd area artisans and their products.

This is a non-commercial site and the purpose is to advance the cause of Floyd artisans, artists and agri-businesses as well as local businesses offering unique products or services.

I envisioned a grass-roots marketing effort based on a recognition of the unique qualities of Floyd crafts and services. If anyone is sincerely interested in creating such an organization, I will be happy to have their assistance.

If anyone else wants to claim credit for inventing Made in Floyd, go right ahead. It probably started more than a hundred years ago, but as far as I am concerned the idea started with Jayn Avery, who may have picked it up from someone else.

Meanwhile the domain is in use and will continue to be a free source of information about Floyd products and services.

If you have a website or an article about your Floyd made products, send it to me and I will post it on made-in-floyd.com

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