Can You Envision Yourself Entertaining Spirits?

Some of us have learned how to do this and it is the most fun we have had in years. When we are creating, we attract beings who want to observe and possibly contribute to our creation. It is just another example of the law of attraction at work and you can test this for yourselves if you wish.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like and when you create remarkable works of music, art, or even text, you will get assistance in the form of suggestions and inspiration from the spirits you have attracted. When you recognize their presence and acknowledge their assistance, they are inspired to continue their contributions. When you allow yourself to operate in this manner, there is a magical feeling that you can accomplish anything you wish and it is effortless!

This magical cooperation dos not occur in a vacuum. Those who tend to shout at spirits in order to have them comply will never experience the effortless flow of creation that occurs when spirits are carrying much of the load of creating something totally new from intention alone.

There has to be a caring relationship between you and the spirits who are helping you and this is helped if you understand what a spirit needs and wants that you are able to supply. When you learn to work with spirits and you are willing to let them help you create, you give them a purpose and a responsibility and you are making them a part of your team. This grants them importance and raises their morale.

Many disembodied spirits have attention stuck in some past incident and are4 essentially drifting through time with no real connection to present day activities. If you have ever spent hours scrolling through Facebook or browsing Instagram, you will have some idea how disembodied spirits with no purpose spend their time.

If you are aware of spirits and understand their capabilities, you will make use of their assistance wherever possible. After all they are immortal and have done everything you can imagine, so attracting spirits to help you learn the Zither or construct a flying hoverboard are tasks that only require you to put your attention on them and ask spirits for the help you need.

When you approach spirits in a caring way and find out what they need and want in order to help you, you will find your abilities expanding faster then you can imagine. You can help them and they can help you. This is a non-stop activity and I can testify that it only requires a sincere desire to accumulate spiritual helpers as part of your team and a willingness to view them as partners in your endeavors.

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