The Law Of Attraction Indicates When Counseling Will Not Work For You

The law of attraction is the universal principle that states like attracts like. You can observe for yourself that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. In other words, a positive mindset will attract more success and happiness than a negative one. You will also observe that this applies to all areas of life.

When you get effective counseling, your spirits rise and you end a counseling session revitalized. If your worries return by the next day and your gains have disappeared, you can feel that the counseling has failed. Some people go through this cycle with every counselor and counseling method they try, while others seem to experience permanent change after effective counseling.

What do you think makes the difference in these distinctly different results? Some may say it shows a change in responsibility while others may say it is a matter of expectations. Regardless of how you label it, counseling success depends on the willingness of the subject to change what they are doing.

After observing hundreds of counseling sessions, I can almost predict who will benefit permanently from counseling and who will be waiting to see what happens and will report disappointing results.

If things are not going well in your life, you are doing things that attract negative responses from others. When you seek counseling and obtain a release from your worries and pains, during that session you are doing activities that free you from negative responses.

If you do not immediately begin operating in a new and different way from what you have been doing in the past, you will continue to attract the negative thoughts and actions you were attracting before. Your gains from your session will disappear within days, perhaps even hours. The person who receives counseling as a spectator is not having cognitions or realizations that he will put into action. He is a passive observer who is waiting for something good to happen to him as a result of the session. He is not doing anything as a result of his counseling session, he is calmly waiting for something to change in his life.

Counseling removes the barriers to change, it does not produce the change. A person receiving counseling is wasting his time and money if he expects the counselor to turn him into a different person. Counseling will give you a new outlook on life, but you need to use that new outlook to change what you are doing. Removing barriers to your expansion will do nothing if you are sitting there waiting for something wonderful to happen.

The only way you can be sure the barriers are gone is by doing things you could not do before. Those who have great wins from counseling recognize that old barriers are missing and they act swiftly to take advantage of their new freedoms. If you are constantly operating at the limits of your abilities and you receive effective counseling, you will immediately know that you can now do more with less effort. Effective counseling allows you to do more, but you will not experience this unless you are actively using your new abilities.

Counseling removes the barriers to change, it does not produce the change. You change and you attract positive results from those you deal with.

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