Are You Experiencing Enough Joy In Your Life? – Join Our Workshop This Sunday!

Joy is the state of being that allows one to experience feelings of intense, long-lasting happiness and satisfaction in life. It is closely related to, and often evoked by, well-being, success, or good fortune. 

Joy does not just happen. It is the result of skillfully directed intentions. Joy is the product of intentions that bring about desirable results and share them with others. Joy does not occur when there are counter-intentions, so joy requires understanding and coordination of intentions and actions.

It is not enough to create things you find desirable. To experience lasting joy, you need to create effects that others desire. If you are creating effects you find joyful and are annoying others while you do this, your joy will not last and you will be attacked. There are solitary pursuits, like reading or making music, which can make you feel joyful but your feelings may dissipate once you try to share them with others.

If you can find activities that bring others joy and share them in a way that they can participate, you will find that their feedback will bring you more joy than performing the activity on your own. Doing things for others in a caring way and inviting their participation in sharing their results with others can result in a harmony of activity that will bring joy to all who join in. You will find yourselves sharing admiration and cooperative actions where none may have existed before.

Spiritual beings operating in harmony produce results that often seem magical because the absence of counter-intentions is an unusual event. Antone who has worked with cooperating spirits knows the thrill of having everything flow smoothly when all intentions are aligned. This is not a usual state as most of us are trained from birth to push on through in the face of opposition instead of locating the source of counter-intention and handling it.

Join us this Sunday at 12 noon, Eastern time, for a workshop on experiencing joy through focused intention. If you learn the secrets of directing your attention and intention for joyful results, life will never be as difficult as it has been.

Learn to fill your life with joy! Use this link to join our SRT Workshop on Zoom this Sunday, 5-26-24, at 12 noon EST.

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