Three Steps To Taking Charge Of Your Life

I am hosting a workshop this Sunday which will open the way for you to experience joy on demand. You need to know that joy does not just happen. It is the result of skillfully directed intentions. Joy is the product of intentions that bring about desirable results and share them with others. Joy does not occur when there are counter-intentions, so joy requires understanding and coordination of intentions and actions.


ONE: The first step in taking charge of your life is understanding what you are working with and I described this step in February of this year in this article, Somebody Should Be In Charge.

Suppose you discover in the fullness of time that “you” have more than one soul. In some ways, this provides a clue to why you act in so many different and contrary ways at times. If this is true, it might explain why a devoted husband and father can suddenly develop a need to follow a guru on a path of spiritual enlightenment and choose that path over family life. It could explain why a happy wife can develop an instant attraction for an older man and eventually leave her husband to be with this person. It could also explain why a talented businessman can be discussing a technical matter with coworkers and in the middle of his presentation stop talking and fix his gaze on a female employee ambling along nearby and follow her movements until she goes out of sight.

Spiritual Rescue Technology provides clear answers to this seemingly bizarre behavior because it all stems from the activities of spiritual beings who are jointly animating a body.

The truth is unlike everything you have been taught. It is generally understood that a spirit is the vital principle or animating force within all living things. This, while true, is only a small part of the story. Spiritual beings are everywhere and they interact with each other and the material universe in diverse ways. When a baby is born, it is generally believed that a spirit is animating it at the time or a spirit takes possession shortly thereafter.

Suppose that a group of spirits take possession of the body during the birth process and thereafter? If this were true, we might expect to see divergent patterns of behavior unrelated to outside stimuli. Babies can exhibit peaceful serenity at one time and ferocious anger at others, almost as if it was at war with itself. With multiple beings trying to take control of the body and direct its activity, there is plenty of opportunity for conflict. If there is a being stronger than the rest, it may impose order and the baby calms down and exhibits predictable behavior. On the other hand, the beings may find agreement and operate as a seemingly unified group for a while.

This pattern of group behavior can be found in some Earth institutions like committees and fraternal organizations. The type of group has a common purpose of some sort and elects its leaders, but the management of the members can range from rigid control to barely restrained warfare. As these groups add members over time, the balance of interests and powers will continue to shift and the actions of the group will shift according to the members who are in power.

I have been categorizing the spiritual group as a Pilot and Co-Pilots, but what if there is no agreement within the group as to who is in control? What if the spirits are acting as a committee and find themselves struggling to maintain a clear course of action in the face of changing environmental conditions? We would see some spirits taking action as they saw fit and when the results were painful, other spirits struggling to explain what took place.

I have the feeling at this point that we have to recognize the plurality of spirits who are at work managing our joint personality and work to develop an understanding of our true situation and a plan for sensible governance. Our survival as a living organism with a personality depends on our ability to manage our resources and our participants. If we agree on a united personality and coordinated intentions, we can accomplish anything we want without a great deal of effort.

If we ignore our true situation and continue to operate as if we were a single individual, the unexpected events we encounter will continue to be a mystery. If we recognize our plurality and make friends with ourselves we have a vast opportunity ahead of us. SRT can enable us to do this.

TWO: The second step in taking charge of your life is deciding to manage your spiritual companions rather than acting as a passive observer and hoping for the best.

You are surrounded by spiritual companions who are communicating their thoughts and fears in response to what is occurring in your vicinity. If you are not demonstrating leadership by your thoughts and actions, there will be a continuing flow of uncoordinated ideas, images, and intentions clashing with each other and producing unpredictable results.

Managing others is not a matter of giving orders, it is recognizing the needs of others and providing the leadership to keep others working in alignment upon agreed-upon goals. The first step is determining which of your desirable goals are supported by the spirits accompanying you through life. If some group members are opposing desirable goals, these group members have to be brought into alignment or removed from the group. Your path to success is finding others who support your goals and doing everything possible to encourage them to work in harmony with you.

You must not think of yourself as an individual. You must think of yourself as a group leader responsible for the future of a group of spirits. The group will succeed to the extent that you lead and organize them as an effective team. You must recognize and harness the power of harmonious actions and intentions.

THREE: The third step is acting in the interests of the group you lead so that harmony is maintained.

This means that your creativity must always be directed toward increasing the life force of the group rather than seeking revenge for past losses or failures. The best way to increase your life force and the life force of others is to act in a way that will bring joy to all concerned.

If you can find activities that bring others joy and share them in a way that they can participate, you will find that this will bring you more joy than performing the activity on your own. Doing things for others in a caring way and inviting their participation in sharing their results with others can result in a harmony of activity that will bring joy to all who join in. You will find yourselves sharing admiration and cooperative actions where none may have existed before.

Joy does not just happen. It is the result of skillfully directed intentions. If you maintain an intention to spread joy among others and handle any counter-intentions that arise, you will experience an amazing increase in your life force.

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