Are You Interested In Creating A Circle Of Friends Who Can Talk With Spirits? – Part One

When you develop unusual abilities, like being able to perceive and communicate with spirits, you will quickly find that people who do not have those abilities will not understand you and will criticize and attack you for doing something dangerous and frightening.

Your attempts to persuade family and friends of the existence of helpful spirits will fall on deaf ears and the more you attempt to share what you know, the more opposition you will encounter. What’s more, if you try to use your knowledge to help them resolve some emotional or health problem, they will attack you as if you are trying to harm them.

If you attain an enlightened state regarding things that are not widely understood, you will find that your new reality does not agree with the reality that others have been living with and your efforts to share your reality will upset your old friends and family who will attack you in ways you will not believe. If you continue to spread your alien ideas, you will create a gulf between you and your old friends that will never heal.

Any time you discover a new truth and validate it so that you can rely on it, you need to see if others can recognize this truth before you attempt to discuss it further. If this new truth cannot be validated with a simple observation, you need to know that it is not a subject for general discussion. You need to find others who have discovered this truth for themselves or who are willing to look and see if the truth will work for them. You need to find others who share your awareness.

This is an important topic that deserves a full explanation and we will cover the basic steps in the rest of the articles on “Creating A Circle Of Friends Who Can Talk With Spirits”.

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