The inside story on Phoenix Hardwoods of Floyd, Virginia

I have been writing about Bill and Corinne Graefe and their distinctive furniture for several years and now they have finally  launched a brand new website which tells their story better than I can and shows many examples of their fine handcrafted slab furniture.

I never knew, for example, that they were inspired by George Nakashima, an artist from the 50’s who made furniture using slabs of wood with the natural edges left intact.

They have spent the last 8 years developing and refining their designs and techniques until it is hard for me to see much resemblance between their source of inspiration and their current products. They are true artists in their own right and they make a significant contribution to the community.

Corinne Graefe webworker
Their new website was constructed in one day by Corinne Graefe, who had never built one before. She created an entertaining and easily navigated portfolio site which shows off their products and answers frequently asked questions.

When you make products that look like theirs, you can bet there are many questions. They answer them all, including where do they get the wood they use for products like this headboard/room divider.

Phoenix Hardwoods at Home show

They have a refreshing response to the question why they are still building furniture when the Chinese can build it so much cheaper. I think they must be on the right track because their backlog is steadily growing.

Drop by and check out their new site. It is both a website and a weblog, so feel free to welcome them to the Internet by leaving them a comment or a question

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