Unmoderated comment section available nearby

Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time have probably noticed a shortage of uncivil comments.  That’s because this blog frowns on ad hominum remarks, unless made by this blogger, of course. The main focus of this blog is on facts and on improving the quality of life.

This approach seems to be popular with most readers, but it leaves some irate commenters feeling that they have not had a chance to be heard. Well, there is a solution. There is now a place where those whose comments are not being posted here can say what is really on their minds.

The Blue Ridge Muse, owned and operated by good friend Doug Thompson has some of the most spectacular photography and provocative articles of any blog in the area.

He is also a public-spirited blogger who hosts an unmoderated comment section where conflicting views are discussed with no holds barred. So, if you ever feel that you are not getting all of the story here, visit the Blue Ridge Muse.

If you like excitement, arguments, and an insight into the hidden stories of Floyd with your morning coffee, you can get it all there, hot and steaming right out of the tap.

Genial host Doug keeps the discussion from getting out of hand, but just barely. So, if you want to kick start your day with a little excitement, visit the Blue Ridge Muse.

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