A cold start for 2008

We are starting to get some winter weather. Days of freezing temperatures make it difficult to work outside for very long.

I put chains and extra weights on the little tractor and was painfully aware that I should have done the task earlier. Once snow falls, the tractor is useless unless it has chains and enough weight to give it traction.

We alternate between splitting firewood and pushing ahead on projects that can be done inside.

My latest custom framing project is a surprise for some artisan friends who do a lot to encourage creativity in the artistic community in Floyd. It is a collage of images I’ve captured over the last few years.

It was an interesting challenge to create openings in the form of pottery shapes, but with the computer controlled mat cutter, the actual cutting was a matter of minutes, rather than an all day project.

I want to explore making more ways to incorporate themes in custom frames. The industry is constantly changing because it is driven by lifestyle changes. The traditional picture frame is evolving and it is hard to predict what will happen in the next few years.

I am attending the West Coast Art & Frame Show in Las Vegas later this month to see what is happening elsewhere and to pick up design ideas from the experts in this field. It promises to be interesting.

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