The joys of working at home

We are finally experiencing a decent snowstorm. The schools are closed. Many roads are impassable except for 4WD drive vehicles and even those proceed with great caution.

Those of us who commute on foot with a coffee cup in hand can still make it to work handily.

All over Floyd County there are artisans and other self-employed business people who are out in their workshops and studios turning out products. The radio is on and the stove is keeping the place toasty while work is being done.

The phone is ringing, of course, with people rescheduling appointments and reporting accidents, but in most cases work goes on. It is a comforting feeling to be able to get production done, even under adverse conditions.

We are just beginning to get the snow that other parts of the country have had for months. Right now, the snow is still falling so I will probably wait to do any shoveling.

I am looking forward to seeing how well my little tractor performs in this snow. I think it’s too small to be useful as a snow plow, but I hope it can drag its trailer loaded with firewood through several inches of snow. If it won’t handle this winter weather, I am in for some real exercise.

Update: It seems to handle snow very well. Chains and a rear weight give it sufficient traction. Steering is problematical because the front wheels slide if they are turned sharply.

HomeboyatworkUPDATE: For those of you who don’t have to work at all. Here is your mascot for today.

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