Absolutely Compelling Global Warming Video

Grab a cup of coffee and watch this global warming video. It has powerful imagery and was expertly produced for maximum impact. I was unable to tear my attention away from it.

This video does not demonize anyone, but gives the most thorough explanation of the reason that global warming has become the focus of so much interest by the media and by national governments. When you see this video, the entire movement begins to make sense and it started with Margaret Thatcher!

The video provides a thorough comparison of the many factors affecting climate change. You may find that there is data you have never seen before.

This video features a number of the people whose names appear on the
famous IPCC report. It also discusses why global warming has become
such an important source of income to so many people.

I personally found some answers to questions that perplexed me years ago when writing about pre-Minoan civilizations. This video shows there was a time in the past when temperatures were far warmer than they have been this century and the clothing shown on Greek pottery finally makes sense.

I would be interested in your reactions after seeing this video. Here is the URL: http://www.rightalk.com/asx/ggws.asx

(Thanks to Tom King for the link.)

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