Do you know who I am? I’m Bobby Calvan, cub reporter!

Bobby Caina Calvan has distinguished himself as one of the most clueless reporters in Baghdad. He is an embarrassment to the McClatchy Newspapers, which are not doing all that well and do not need this kind of publicity.

Bobby is a a reporter from the Sacramento with unshakeable delusions of grandeur.  Yesterday he bragged about an encounter he had with a US soldier at a security checkpoint in the Green Zone.

According to Calvan, he tried to enter the Green Zone without a passport or drivers license and he got highly indignant that the soldier challenged him and did not know what Knight Ridder was. (Knight Ridder no longer exists, having been bought by McClatchy in 2006.)

Bobby has made blogging history in that he outed himself so thoroughly as an arrogant buffoon on his own weblog that every commenter was highly critical of his actions.

I estimate that he will be pulled out of Iraq within 48 hours.

Then again, he may be considered one of McClatchy’s finest and will get promoted.

Time will tell.

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