Be careful what you wish for – part 2

I never intended to let Making Ripples slip into a weekly blogging schedule, but the pace around here has me feeling like I have somehow slid into an alternative universe where time has smoothly accelerated to 3X normal speed and my mind is still struggling to absorb 1.5X.

It is especially remarkable because this rush of experiences seems to be all good stuff.

My new custom framing business is going like gangbusters, Gretchen is seeing increased demand for her paintings, and it looks like there will be a Russian Edition of Danger Quicksand in the near future.

It reminds me of the Edgar Guest poem about Ketchup:

You shake and shake the Ketchup bottle,
none will come and then a lot’l

I am bemused at all the good news that is coming at us in a wonderfully overwhelming rush when we have not visibly changed our fundamental basis of operation.

It may be just the usual physical universe lag between working away to create something and seeing the results.  Just about the time you start to wonder if anything is happening, things start to move and almost seem to pick up speed on their own.

Freight trains exhibit this behavior. For example, you will hear a lot of rumbling and clanking from the engine before all of the coupling slack is taken up and the entire train start to move.

In our case, I feel that it may be time to apply a new set of rules to guide us so that we don’t buried as a result of our recent successes. It will be an interesting challenge to see if we can handle the new demands on our time without undoing the actions that produced these desirable results.

I think that as long as we put people and relationships first, we will remain on the right track.

Stay tuned to see whether we can turn this burst of opportunities into a steady and continuing revenue stream. It should be quite an adventure.

Meanwhile, I will do my best to find time to write about what is happening.

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