Be very careful what you wish for..

Once upon a time, I had this dream of a home in the country with a bright, spacious, workshop with all of the tools I would need to design and produce wonderful things that clients might need. I would spend my days working on new designs for clients and would enjoy country life to the fullest.

In this dream, I envisioned that Gretchen would have her own studio where she could paint and she would spend her days creating art and working with other artists on group projects.

While I fully expected this to happen, I didn’t take into account the multiplier effect that occurs when other people think you have a reasonably good idea and helpfully pile on by sending you business and getting you involved in all sorts of other activities.

I am working seven days a week to keep up with demand in my new custom framing business and Gretchen is driving to and fro like a soccer mom to exhibit her work and to staff the gallery she created with 5 other artists.

We smile wistfully at each other over breakfast and promise to get together real soon for a glass of wine on the back deck…when things slow down a bit. Then a hug, a quick smooch, and tires are spinning on the gravel driveway as we sprint off in separate directions to keep our new enterprises and our new commitments from toppling over on us.

We are happy with what we have created. It is just that thanks to our many friends, we have more on our plates at this moment than we planned for.

We will prevail and may even get organized.
A special thanks to all who have helped.

Tune in later for more posts on this subject.

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