A sight you don’t see every day


This is a true Paparazzi moment! Woody Crenshaw, one of the most active movers and shakers in Floyd County was caught on camera while sitting down, seemingly at rest.

I was inspired to capture this moment because Woody is never still and almost never sits down unless it is to meet with someone. Actually, I have to confess that this photo opportunity is taken totally out of context.

Woody was actually testing his new purchase, a recycled church pew, which will provide additional seating for visitors to the Floyd Country Store. Within seconds of this photo he was up and on the go again preparing for Fourth of July at the Floyd Country Store.

Now that the Country Store is open from Tuesday through Saturday, with a lunch counter and ice cream bar plus a clothing store stocked with Carhartt and other fine work clothes, there is increasing traffic and those who wait patiently outside while their spouses shop will have a splendid spot to sit and watch the comings and goings on Locust Street.

Storeinstore This will also be a prime spot to sit and cool off during the Friday Night Jamboree. Come by next Friday night and see for yourself.

[Disclaimer: I am the webmaster for the Floyd Country Store as well as for other Floyd businesses. I do not receive compensation for my stories and they do not represent the opinions of anyone other than myself]

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