Interesting week so far – can’t wait to see what’s next

I’ve found that hyperlocal blogging has expanded my awareness of Floyd and the people who give it a unique character. I try to capture the images and sounds and experiences that make every day an adventure.

On Friday night, the Jamboree went off just as planned, even though the Floyd Country Storefront was covered with scaffolding. I got to hear Blue Moonshine perform in front of the Floyd Barbershop and they gave me their new CD of mountain music to review. More about that later. It is fine music!

Contrary to what you might expect, the more I write about Floyd, the more I see that I want to write about. Every day I see new relationships that were not visible before and new business opportunities being developed by people who are creating startups on a small scale with a minimum of resources.

All of this takes place in the midst of bucolic scenes that fairly scream to be photographed. As I drive around the county on errands, I can’t take the time to dismount and soberly set up tripod and fetch the light meter. Instead, I slow the van and shoot through the open window or occasionally through the windshield if it is clean enough.

I spend some of my daylight hours networking with potential clients, visiting with friends, or developing stories for the Floyd Press. I volunteer as staff photographer for the Jacksonville Center and I am constantly shooting photos in an effort to capture a visitor’s experience in Floyd County.


In the last few days, I been able to share the excitement of the five artists who have opened a gallery-studio and a teaching studio under the Winter Sun in Floyd. Gretchen and four of her talented friends have been working for weeks to get the gallery ready and are already seeing a steady stream of visitors even though their sign is not up yet.

If you are visiting the Winter Sun clothing store or the Cafe del Sol, make sure you come down the stairs and visit them in the Art Under the Sun Gallery.

In the midst of all this activity I managed to fix up this weblog design and make it a little easier to navigate.  The nice little scrollbars I installed work on Firefox, but not on Internet Explorer, so the weblog appears different to different browsers. I am not through yet, so if you have suggestions or comments, this is a good time to let me know what you are thinking.

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