Wednesday afternoon in Floyd VA – Slideshow



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I made a sortie into town today and
brought back a sampling of what the local folks are doing. I then
created this experimental slide show to see if I could give you an idea of what is going
on using the least amount of web page real estate. Let me know if this
works better than a static display of 12 pictures.

Woody Crenshaw has a team of men putting in new windows and siding on the Floyd Country Store. You can see them dismantling the scaffolding.

The Greenfire Fund Art Camp is still going strong with children doing wheel thrown and hand-built pottery under the direction of McCabe Coolidge. At the other end of the building, Rick Cooley is instructing both youngsters and adults in the theory and practice of illustration. The reason you see these students holding their hands in grotesque positions is that he has them showing emotion through distortion of the figure.

Out on the Blacksmith Shop students are working with fire and hot steel and having a great time under the direction of Elmer Roush.

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