Hyperlocal Business Blogging – a new trend?

Australian Blogger and Business Coach Des Walsh read my post about the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event in Floyd and wants to see that sort of event in his community.

This is an excellent example of the cascade effect that occurs when bloggers start tossing ideas around. I thought of hyperlocal blogging as a news activity, but Des is a visionary and immediately seized on the potential for hyperlocal business blogging to transform a community.

He makes the point that one person in a small community can use this marvelous technology to communicate to a wider world about that community and its way of life and and about the particular challenges of doing business in small communities.

In the beginning, I thought hyperlocal blogging might be too confining, but I quickly learned that we can see the entire universe in a Chamber of Commerce event or in a potter’s attempt to develop a viable business, if we care to look closely.

Vast concerns are sometimes best understood in the context of a local situation involving real people with a problem that we can get our wits around.

I think the next wave, or ripple if you care to call it that, may be this:

blog locally and be read internationally

We all have the same concerns, so sharing observations and solutions to local problems may be helpful on a much larger scale than we intend.

"Hyperlocal Business Blogger"… It does sound impressive, but I’m not sure how it will communicate on a business card. Just make your next Chamber of Commerce event special, and blog it!

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