Natasha scores with curried salmon

This is curried salmon, as prepared by Natasha Shishkevish for the fortunate patrons of Oddfellas Cantina in Floyd, Virginia.

Two huge strips of salmon filet in a roasted curry sauce were accompanied by a pyramid of fragrant rice and sliced carrots. Indescribably delicious! Not at all what I expected of a curry dish.

I have had salmon at Oddfellas many times and this was the best version ever.

Natasha is a well-known chef in the Floyd County area and I have had the pleasure of sampling her offerings before. This was the first time I had the presence of mind to take a picture before eating.

As you can tell from my unbridled enthusiasm, I am not a food editor/ reporter/ critic or anything like that. I love good food and feel that excellence is best rewarded by promoting it widely.

I just have to keep telling myself, "shoot first – eat later". Fortunately the camera jumped into my hand and I got off several shots before hunger took over.

Kudos to Natasha! May good fortune follow you in all your endeavors.

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