Coyote Dawn Patrol??

False alarm…

The sound we heard was a pair of Barred Owls. That’s what I get for being startled out of a sound sleep and standing on the front porch making a recording in the pre-dawn hours.

Waldo Asquith of Charlottesville made the right call. The sounds we heard this morning were not coyotes, they were Barred Owls and you can verify this from a recording on the site.

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  1. I have some good news, or perhaps bad, depending on what you were hoping for. You are hearing a pair of barred owls, and not coyotes. They make that characteristic “who cooks for you?” hooting pattern, as it’s known.

    To learn more about the barred owl, and hear a brilliant recording of its call, see Cornell’s page at

  2. Thanks, Waldo,

    You are right. The recordings are identical.
    I have changed my post to reflect your comment.

    That certainly explains the hysterical crows on the recording I made this morning.

    The last time we heard coyotes, our neighbor went out and shot a bunch of them, so we know they favor this area. We’ll just have to wait until we get positive identification before turning on the recorder.

  3. colleen says:

    Coincidently, I was just on that site last night, trying to identify some other bird sounds.

    When I first heard those owls I thought it was neighborhood kids monkeying around.

  4. Jim says:

    David, I grew up hearing those owls, and it drove our pet dogs crazy. On a separate species, my wife and I had a frightening/funny experience with a screech owl while camping – it sounded like a child screaming.

    I may try to hunt for coyotes in Floyd around the second week of October. What have you seen or heard of them in this area? Thanks, Jim

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