Blogging at the Floyd Country Store

The Floyd Country Store is now open 2 days a week! Those of you who are still out in the 24/7 world may find that amusing, but our one-stoplight county still has a shortage of places to eat lunch, so an additional restaurant is great news, even if it’s only open on Friday and Saturday.

The Floyd Country Store has a menu to die for if you are a connoisseur of simple country snacks and comfort food.  Since I am by nature a grazer rather than a serious trencherman, the food here hits the spot.

There are at least four free Wi-Fi hotspots in town, but I am sitting here blogging because the Country Store has 3 mb/s Wi-Fi and my time is limited.  Other hot spots are at the Cafe Del Sol, the Jacksonville Center, and the Floyd Library. There are probably more.

I am not sure how things are progressing in the wide world outside of Floyd County, VA, but in the year I have been here, I’ve seen an increasing number of people lugging laptops around and using them while eating breakfast or having coffee.

When I first came here I felt almost like a stranger in a strange land when I carried a laptop. Not so, any more. There are a lot of people doing serious work in every available Internet hotspot.

There are a few students, of course, but most of these mobile warriors wear work clothes and heavy boots rather than urban professional wear. We have a high percentage of self-employed people in this county and they network and do business every day at the restaurants and coffee shops in town.

When a restaurant provides a high speed Internet connection, it is another incentive to eat there and meet there.

What would happen if the entire town of Floyd was one large Wi-Fi hotspot?

Would it would draw more business traffic?

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