One last thought about JL Kirk…

JL Kirk has still not gotten the message. Instead of actually addressing the issues raised by Katherine Coble, they are now shifting to the time-honored tactic of "discussing the matter privately" with the Cobles.

JL Kirk is still denying the charges made by Coble, so I’m not buying the idea that the private discussion is anything other than a way to keep the pressure on the Cobles without having the blogosphere listening in.

Here is the last report from Katherine Coble:

Attorneys for JL Kirk & Assocs. contacted Media Bloggers Association attorney Ronald Coleman and said that they are interested in discussing this (the cease and desist letter) with my husband and me personally rather than litigating in court.

It will be very interesting to see if the private discussion is attended by the union-busting law firm of King & Ballow, who exacerbated the situation in the first place.

I sincerely hope that Katherine and her husband are accompanied by a Media Bloggers Association attorney during any discussion with JL Kirk. If not in person, at least on a conference call.

If you sincerely believe that JL Kirk has had a change of heart, you are very trusting soul. You might be interested in handling some Nigerian emails which I will be happy to forward to you…

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