Crazy weather in Floyd


Yesterday was April 15th and my initial reaction was, "Can we have a little bit of that global warming please?"

LastminutesnackThe temperature has been in the 30’s for several days and we have had high winds and snow. The first two images show our front and back yards late yesterday afternoon.

The temperature was falling and at least 30 birds mobbed our feeders in the gathering darkness. Snow was accumulating and they were acting like this was their last chance to get a meal. That was yesterday.

24 hours later, our power has gone out because of the high winds, but the sun has burned away the snow as you can see in the last photo.

Our emergency generator is rumbling away in the yard and we have all of the comforts of 21st Century life, thanks to the preparations I made a few months ago.

This is the first time I’ve been able to flip on the generator during daylight and it was a real pleasure. It took only 5 minutes and we will be good for 24 hours.

This is a good thing, as I have work to do online and the power is off until tomorrow sometime, according to neighbor Tom King.

Tom was prepared for the worst this time and I can hear his generator running in the distance right now. Country life is far more comfortable when you can apply a bit of technology in the right places.

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