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Dealing with a balky Emergency Generator

We were snowed in for a few days and ice built up on the trees to the point where branches were snapping off and blocking the roads.

Here is a picture of our lane taken by Tom King as he and a chainsaw-wielding neighbor cleared their way to the main road.


I was completing a backlog of Christmas framing projects when the power went out but I was not too concerned because I thought my emergency generator was ready to go and save the day. After all, I had started it every few weeks after the last storm and everything had been working perfectly.

I had purchased an extra spark plug in case it was needed and had three 5 gallon cans of gasoline in addition to a full tank on the generator. I felt that I was much better prepared than last year.

Little did I know.
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Good intentions are not enough

The recent storm drove home the fact that good intentions are no substitute for actual preparedness. Country living is a great laboratory for testing ones ideas about life and patterns of behavior without the awful finality of mistakes made on … Continue reading

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Crazy weather in Floyd

Yesterday was April 15th and my initial reaction was, "Can we have a little bit of that global warming please?" The temperature has been in the 30’s for several days and we have had high winds and snow. The first … Continue reading

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Tom is better prepared for the next storm

My neighbor Tom King, better known as W4VZH to his friends in the American Radio Relay League, has a cautionary tale to share about waiting to install an emergency generator. He had always planned to get an emergency generator, but … Continue reading

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