Why is General Brooks making trouble for Michael Yon?

Michael Yon is reporting from Iraq and is doing an incredible service for the morale of our military men, but there always are those who seem to have an agenda that justifies misusing their authority. In this case, it appears to be Brigadier General Vincent K. Brooks.

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reluctant hero Michael Yon ended up in Iraq as a freelance blogger who
is 100% financially supported by readers and is being treated shamefully by General Brooks. Read Tabla Rasa.

I feel that Michael has consistently told the unvarnished truth in his firsthand accounts about what is happening on the missions when he accompanies the troops and he is highly regarded by the fighting men who know of his work. This is one of his photos.


Brigadier General Vincent K. Brooks was the former chief PAO (Public Affairs Officer) of the US Army. He is currently the deputy commanding general – support for Multinational Division-Baghdad.

In 2005, when the military attempted to appropriate this famous photo by Michael Yon, Brooks apparently intervened on Yon’s behalf. Now, he seems to be determined to make it as difficult for Michael to report as possible.

Michael calls them as he sees them and his viewpoints seem to be aligned with the fighting men he lives with. He obviously cares for the men he goes on mission with and for many senior officers, but his views of some high level military decisions are not always flattering and this makes each dispatch compelling reading.

At a time when the military needs favorable media coverage as never before, General Brooks seems hell-bent on keeping Michael from reporting! This general’s agenda needs a little examination and a lot of publicity.

I think Michael Yon’s writing has earned him the right to better support from the military. Read Michael’s dispatch and decide for yourself.

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