Springtime in Floyd

We had a break in the weather this week, so I got away from computer for a few hours.

I walked out into our woods accompanied by my cat and thought about all of the projects I had planned and had not gotten around to doing.

I am not into self-flagellation concerning undone tasks, because the time was well-spent on matters of higher priority, like producing income and recovering from a debilitating series of nasty colds. Now that Spring is here and we are well again, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and see what we can achieve before Summer arrives.

I have broken branches and fallen trees to handle as soon as the weather warms up, but we are still burning logs in the stove so I figure I have a few more weeks of cold weather before I need to begin a full-fledged assault on all of the winter-damaged trees.

I hope to use those weeks catching up with a backlog of unwritten posts and long overdue website redesigns. I am also getting the urge to write another book, but I will probably stifle that impulse and concentrate on developing several weblogs instead.

Classes have started at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd and I have already started taking pictures for next year’s catalog.

Potter and Course Instructor Jayn Avery was just completing a class in Paper Clay when I took these. Paper clay is an interesting medium and opens up new possibilities for hand-built pieces.


Gretchen will be showing some of her pastels at the Jacksonville Center starting this weekend, so we have to set up an exhibit tomorrow.

She has managed to keep painting even though her volunteer workload had tripled in the last few months.

Her online gallery can be seen at artbygretchenstlawrence.com.

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