Going to Canada this year? Think again!

Your youthful indiscretions will keep you out of Canada this year

If you have ever had a minor scrape with the law, you may be one of the Persons who are inadmissible to Canada!

You will be turned back at the border for offenses like 45 year old DUI convictions, childhood shoplifting arrests, and other minor offenses.

The sobering lesson is that if you must travel to Canada, you must apply for "a Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation" to wipe the record clear, and the process is not swift or even possible in some cases.

Tourists are being turned back at the border and there is no appeal. If you have the slightest spot on your past record, think what will happen when you and your family arrive in Canadian Customs and you cannot enter Canada with them.

This has turned out to be a vacation buster for a surprising number of stunned American tourists. It can be a career shattering event for a businessman.

If you or any of your friends are planning a Canadian trip this year, they need to read these articles and contact the Canadian Consulate websites:

Going To Canada? Maybe Not

Tourists with minor criminal records turned back at border

Persons who are inadmissible to Canada

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  1. Tim Morson says:

    Why is it that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander? Are you aware that the Canada – US border runs two ways? Substitute Canada for US in your short missive, drop your euphemism about youthful indiscretions and say what you mean — criminal record, and you can imagine the message to Canadians: Keep the criminals out!

    Applying for rehabilitation is no big deal. Many Americans with criminal records are automatically deemed to be rehabilitated depending on the date and severity of the offence, and when their sentence was completed.

    Just leave the guns at home.

  2. Tim,

    The point of this article was not to point fingers at Canada. It was to warn citizens of the US that the good old days are over.

    What makes a potential visitor to Canada unwelcome? Here’s how Canada defines “inadmissible,” as taken directly from the Canadian Embassy’s official Web site (geo.interna tional.gc.ca/can-am/washing ton/visas/inadmissible-en .asp):

    “Members of Inadmissible Classes include those who have been convicted of MINOR OFFENSES (including shoplifting, theft, assault, dangerous driving, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of illegal substances, etc.), or of INDICTABLE CRIMINAL OFFENSES (including assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, etc.). As well, those who have been convicted of DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED (DWI) are considered Members of an Inadmissible Class. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is regarded as an extremely serious offense in Canada.

    It remains to be seen whether rehabilitation is a big deal or not. My bet is that this will pose a huge problem for travelers and for Canadian businesses, until it is resolved somehow.

  3. TM Lutas says:

    What an awfully designed page. You would think such a page would, at a minimum, say what’s the level at which the government of Canada believes a run in with the law becomes a reason for exclusion. Obviously felons are not wanted but is the line drawn at misdemeanors? Are there some violations that would qualify for exclusion? No doubt there is some sort of rule in effect. It wouldn’t have killed them to actually tell us what it is.

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