Preparing for winter and a down economy

Winter firewood 2011 It's time to tear our attention away from the antics of our unprofessional and inept administration and concentrate on preparing for a long cold winter.

  While the leader of the free world concentrates on one of the few things he does well, the rest of us are helping each other to prepare for an increasingly uncertain future.

Leader of the free world

This year I did not wait until September to order firewood and it arrived yesterday. I was not the only one who is anticipating a cold winter because the owner of Sawbrier Farms who supplied the wood said he already has ten more orders to cut and deliver and this is a month ahead of the normal schedule.

My neighbors to the south came over and helped me stack the first storage area which is on the front porch. This is usually a three week supply in the coldest weather. When it runs out, we move firewood in from from the second and third storage areas that are further away.


I have about four cords of wood on hand and will need another two cords to get through the winter. I expect that my total out of pocket expense for this winter's firewood will be about $500 which makes it very attractive compared to propane or pellets.

On the economic front, we are pursuing every avenue that offers the potential for increasing our current income and generating another revenue stream.  Things are going well in that regard and we are just one of many families in Floyd who have multiple jobs or multiple businesses. It is not easy, but we are taking control of our futures and making headway as part of a tightly connected community.

I feel that this is the wave of the future. In increasingly uncertain times with a corrupt central government, becoming more self-reliant and sharing with others who are doing the same is the only way to achieve greater peace of mind.

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