NRV Livability Initiative consensus process results

We have slides showing the summary results of the NRV Livability Initiative consensus process.

There was useful information collected and many of us made contacts that may open doors to worthwhile discussions. In spite of my earlier concerns, I feel that progress can be made and a plan can be developed that will not ride roughshod over property rights and destroy what we have in Floyd. However, we must participate in every discussion and make sure that our concerns are heard and are duplicated.

The continuing voicing of our concerns about communitarian efforts to collectivise land ownership and institute forced wealth sharing is being heard. The principle speaker, Kevin Byrd, even addressed these concerns in his opening speech. That does not mean that all is well, but it does mean that property rights are recognized as a rallying cry for concerned citizens.

The weak point so far is in the consensus process used to identify goals for the livability Initiative. We all provided inputs but the noise level was so high that the facilitators often did not hear all that was said and some used their own judgment on what to write down.

Another weakness of the consensus method is that our needs did not fall into a neat bell curve distribution. We were from widely disparate environments and some of the regional solutions were ludicrous when applied to Floyd. In fact, my lasting impression is that there are very few REGIONAL solutions that will fit both rural and city needs. I think that planning should incorporate both urban and rural solutions or it will be fought tooth and nail where the solutions degrade an existing and superior environment.

You should take a look at what happens when data collection is not perfect and when average solutions are proposed for vastly different areas. You will need to log in to Facebook to see these photos.

I will be posting videos of key portions of this event as soon as possible.

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