Poised between darkness and light…

Michael Yon is a freelance journalist with the last battalion of American soldiers in Mosul, at this critical moment while Mosul is poised precariously between progress and descent into chaos.

The other American forces have been withdrawn from Mosul to support Baghdad and Anbar and Michael gives us an understanding of the difficult choices that are being made at many levels.

Michael has just written Desolate Roads Part 2 of 2 . It is a uniquely personal view of an oft-repeated and therefore timeless moment in history, the delicate balance between recovery of civic sanity or descent into madness and degradation.

Read Michaels compelling account of American and Iraqi forces struggling to give Mosul a future in the face of terrorists who seek to destroy Iraq, that they might rule by fear.

Reading the accounts of journalists who are actually in Iraq with American forces is an eye opening experience. There are no simple answers, but there appear to be brave and honorable men who seek to find a way to help Iraq heal itself.

May it come to pass that they are successful…

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